“Government agents cannot, in every situation implement the means by which government serves its own agenda and simultaneously implement those means that serve my agenda. At some point the methods intended to procure an ends on both sides shall conflict and contradict. Government and its agents have their mandates, and I have mine.”


“I do not, and shall not recognize thy government’s regulations unless they are consistent with my purpose, for I operate only in terms of the responsibility that has been imposed upon me and that I have accepted. Hence, thy definition of crime or illegalities has no meaning to me, and never shall.”

Critical Fusion

Bohemian Exhortation



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It is late summer of 2011, and Jeannie has waited the mandatory 20 years to perform the miraculous feat of resurrecting her former husband and master as well as three others that have been dead since 1991. But in return for such miraculous power and being crowned a Great Djinn, Jeannie has had to accept responsibility for a nebulous concept even she does not fully understand. But the incentive to accept such a responsibility and pledging the sacrifice of her own son should she fail has been encompassed by the need to be reunited with those she loves. She is to quickly form a formidable team consisting of members with diverse backgrounds and ideals that must pledge allegiance to a philosophical doctrine the Elders call Centristasis. Each member of the Centristasis brings to the group a high level of expertise and experience within varying fields, and the fusion of such a team the Elders deem critical.

The Centristasis group must confront every situation that is presented to it in a manner consistent with a certain philosophical doctrine, irrespective of government laws and regulations. To do this, Jeannie must acquire the help of two Grand Wizards who are to guide her philosophically within her responsibility. But events occur quickly, as those Jeannie resurrects are promptly kidnapped by government authorities, and authorities Jeannie must not only confront, but likewise ally with. This leads to the murder of an innocent Korean national, the identity of whom forces Jeannie and the Centristasis to travel over 40 years into the past in search of answers. In the end, Jeannie must accept the assistance of another Great Djinn in her quest to learn the gruesome details of the past in order to prevent a worldwide catastrophe in the present.



"'Yes, but you seem to be more of a contextual moralist, deciding right and wrong within particular circumstances rather than sticking to one ethical means despite everything,' Bowing replied."

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